How to live with recession?

(Thoughts after reading THIS from Behind The Seams Ethnical fashion blog.) The depression is here, or should I say rather "The Recession" as so many economists like to call it (depression is such an ugly and negative word). Finland has lauched an ad campaign called ÄLÄ RUOKI LAMAA (Engl. Don´t feed the Recession) to have people realize that it does not mean you should cut down on consumption but to consume in a more "healthy" way. In this campaign recession is portraid as a new invisible "pet" in the family that eats all their recourses and time and stops them for living and consuming normally. I love this campaign as it is made in an ironic tone. For me recession means spending even more money on oranic, recycled and sustainable goods, locally produced and supporting small business as I feel it is the healthy way to consume. I will also be very carefull not to live over my financial limits (not to for example max. out my credit card) as it propably is the main reason why we are in this mess anyway.

To help fight recesion you should...
.. not swhich to buying cheaper things.
.. favor locally produced goods and small businesses.
.. not let the negative media maddness and get to you.

Top image by Mick Dansworth

Outi Les Pyy

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