DIY fashion - reconstructed knitwear at Ysi magazine

YSI magazine (Engl. "9" magazine) approached me last September to do a trashion tutorial in their 2009 issue. The magazine is published by The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE) for ninth graders as they graduate from mid school. The magazine features stories on high school, different professions and other schools to help teens decide where they´d like to continue their studies. The magazine also has a DIY column which I was asked to contridute. The project we desiced to do was to take a few secondhand sweaters, cut them up and sew back together to get a new more stylish knit. I made a loose stovepipe collared tunic/dress for her and a buttoned cardigan for him.

I´d love to show you more pictures of the making phases of that pink knit, but my external hard drive crashed a week ago taking about 100Gb of photos and inspiration with it... You´ll just have to settle on my written translation of the steps (coming soon..). I´ll make a new tutorial when I make more of these because I saved the tunic pattern :) If I figure out how, I´ll upload that as well for you to use.

The magazine photos are taken by photographer Päivi Anita Ristell.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. These reconstructed sweaters are awesome! I always see cool patterns on sweaters at thrift stores, but the sweaters themselves are usually too big or some odd baggy shape that I don't want to wear. I'm really looking forward to seeing how you made them so I can do my own DIY.

  2. OH MY GODDDDD I love these!!! I stared at them for so long before I read the text saying that you made them! I can't wait for a tutorial.

  3. The sweaters are wonderful and chic! I'm an extra-large in sweaters right now, and a tutorial like this would help me to utilize the cute sweaters I pass by at the thrift shop because they are too small.

  4. beautiful reconstructions! I especially love the grey and red hooded one.

  5. These are really great. I also make resconstructed sweaters. You can check them out at