Zippers Hurricane by Anni Jürgenson

HurricaneBoutique 9

The one thing that I love about zippers is that it is such a versatile material. It´s like oil paints, anyone working with them will paint a different looking painting. Here´s yet another technique and an amazing new zipper crafing talent. Introducing Style Hurricane aka Estonian Anni Jürgenson. Anni first started her own collection of handmade accessories at the age of 13(!). Anni’s hand-crafted jewelry takes simple motifs, like zippers, studs beads and works them with leather in beautiful abstract forms. She sells them locally in her town in Estonia, and has a Etsy shop called HurricaneBoutique. She´s truly an idol for all you teenagers out there thingking weather to start making your own crafts or not.. Anni´s blog went immediately to my BlogLovin reader since I want to keep a close eye on this young talent! Can´t wait to see what this girl will be creating by the time she hits 25.

HurricaneBoutique 4
HurricaneBoutique 6
HurricaneBoutique 3
HurricaneBoutique 8
HurricaneBoutique 1
HurricaneBoutique 5

Jennine from The Coveted bought these amazing zipper pieces.

HurricaneBoutique zipper jewelry The Coveted 1
HurricaneBoutique zipper jewelry The Coveted 2
HurricaneBoutique zipper jewelry The Coveted 3

Photos from HurricaneBoutique, Style Hurricane and The Coveted. Found via The Coveted.

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  1. oh, wow!!! I´m so gonna steal some of these ideas!!! (Yep, I know, that´s the idea, but well.. still...) :)

  2. wow she really is amazing! thanks for the link.

  3. unos trabajos preciosos
    Un saludo