Papel Picado cut paper fashions

Ronaldo Fraga SS2010 2

Papel picado ("cut/perforated paper") is the Mexican art of papercutting into elaborate designs. The designs are commonly cut from thin tissue paper. Themes includes birds, floral designs, and skeletons. Paper cutting is one of those hobbies that an averige person just does not have the time or patience, but if you have the passion for it amazing things will be created. This technique is not just for paper craft but fashio designers have also taken inspiration from it to create similar looks from lasercut fabrics and leather. These dresses are by Brazilian fashion designer Ronaldo Fraga, his SS10 collection. Found via Ullabenulla.

Ronaldo Fraga SS2010 1
Ronaldo Fraga SS2010 5
Ronaldo Fraga SS2010 3

Paper-Cut dress, Elle cover and hat by Robert Ryan.

Paper-Cut Dress by Robert Ryan
Robert Ryan papercut Elle cover
Robert Ryan papercut hat

Laser cut dress by Alexander McQueen.

Laser cut dress by Alexander McQueen FW08

Laser cut dress by Emilio Pucci.

Laser cut dress Emilio Pucci 2
Laser cut dress Emilio Pucci

Laser cut dress by Plexual.

Paper-Cut Dress by Plexual

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. What a great round up! Also found this Papel Picado Tee for kids:

  2. i have a book called 'making stuff - an alternative craft book', and there's an amazing papercut necklace in there, by rob ryan :)