Sock vases and pantyhose bottles

Design Sponge DIY tutorial - argyle sock vases

Sock covered vases.. Not maybe for my house but what about using old black/nude pantyhose combined with fishnet or lace thights instead of socks?? They would have that 40´s glamour feel to them, a bit like this lace covered Diesel Fuel For Life bottle. And don´t just cover vases. Fishnet pantyhose would make pretty snappy boudoir styled trashion gift wrappers to wine and champagne bottles. Or use them as earring and jewelry holders like in this tutorial by Harmini A. at Cut Out And Keep craft community. You dig? Sock vase tutorial at Design Sponge interior blog. Via Craftzine blog.

Diesel Fuel For Life fragrance

Fishnet bottle cover

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love this idea! Can't wait to try it myself!

  2. Oh my god , the last bottle is great! =)
    luv it! I have to try it myself