Wear a penny

Penny jewelry by Laurase 9

Laurase makes jewelry from old Finnish coins. Markka (FIM) used to be our currency before we got euros. Seeing something like this just feel so nostalgic to me as seeing pennies just makes me think of taking bottles to recycling as a kid and then using the money to buy candy. For those of you who don´t know this, in Finland (and other Scandinavian countries) one has to pay a small extra fee when we buy bottled drinks. We get the money back when we return the bottles to recycling. I think it´s a great system since in Finland our glass and plastic bottles recycling is close to 99% of all the bottless purchased. I don´t know if you guys have the same system in your country.. I hope you do. Anyways, I love these penny-jewelry. Jacket buttons made from pennies would be supercool...

Penny jewelry by Laurase 7
Penny jewelry by Laurase 6
Penny jewelry by Laurase 2
Penny jewelry by Laurase 8

Found via (swim)suit issues.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. reminds me of buying candy after school with just a few pennies or markkas :) i´d love to have penni earrings! they look cool.

  2. same system in germany :D

    and did your coins have hexagonal patterns? This is amazing

  3. Actually buttons from pennies are coming soon, I've made some for myself already.

  4. Laura, That´s super!! Let me know when you have buttons available. I´d love to buy some :)

    And you should also put some of them for sale at Etsy.com. I once saw penny buttons there from an US seller, but she sold everything in two days... I was too late. Obviously they would sell well and I´d imagine Finnish money would be exotic to foreign buyers.

  5. Yes, we also have a similar system of glass bottle recycling in the Czech Republic... usually it works this way: you bring the bottles to the shop (supermarket) next time you go shopping, leave them at a counter/in a machine, get a certificate of how many bottles you gave, and you show the paper at the cash and get a discount according to it.

    These are really pretty. It makes me think I should make something out of those little aluminium coins I saved up when they went out of use...