DIY accessories - Mirror piece wedges

Carin Wester Fall 2009 mirror wedges 2

Gluegun DIY with 7 years of bad luck...? It´s good that I don´t believe in such things. Shoes by Carin Wester, photos via Carolines Mode.

*edit* As Heather suggested in the comments, using CDs would be much better than mirros. They are lightweight, thin, cheap and easy to find. Perfect.

Carin Wester Fall 2009 mirror wedges 1
Carin Wester Fall 2009 mirror wedges 3
Carin Wester Fall 2009 mirror wedges 4

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. wow. that would be an awesome DIY ...hopefully safe. ;)

  2. For sure these boots were made for catwalks only. At least I could not find any for sale on the Carin Wester website. Looks cool, DIYable but definately something to be worn with caution... :)

  3. Hi Outi!
    You don't have to use real mirrors for this! Many craft stores here in the US (like Jo-Ann Fabrics, for instance) sell mirrored plastic - you can cut it up with scissors but it looks exactly like a real mirror! (Without the thickness, of course.) You can see it in the shard necklace I made here:

    Lovely inspiration for the heels!

  4. How about recycling old CDs for this project? I used broken CD pieces on a bra once. It looked cool.

  5. Heather! Thanks that´s brilliant! CD´s are very available, cheap, trashion AND THIN. Perfect replacement for mirrors :D

  6. So outta control. I love it. And Heather's idea about using CDs instead is great. Especially DVDs which have that iridescent look. I could have put to use all those horrible quality Memorsux (Memorex) DVDs I had to throw away that would never burn. Great post.