DIY idea - Dip-dye knits

Dip-dye knit cardigan by Henrik Vibskov FW09

Old "a bit too colorful" secondhand knits (cotton or wool) could look pretty rad after some DIY dip-dye... If you decide you want to dip dye something remember to think beforehand what colours combine well (base colors effect the final result). For example yellow+green or blue+red=purple will work well and look good. Trying to get yellow and blue will be extremely hard as the yellow/blue underneath will make the dye result green. The best effect is having one lighter shade of a colour on the base knit evolving into a darker shade on the dye. You can test the result colormix with aquarell-watercolors for example on paper.

Long cardigan, mittens and scarf by Henrik Vibskov, Fall 2009 collection. Photo from Farfetch and V-Store, via Is Mental.

Dip-dye knit mittens by Henrik Vibskov FW09
Dip-dye knit scarf by Henrik Vibskov FW09

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. cool idea, I like it with the multi color especially!

  2. DIY idea - Dip-dye knits

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love this idea. it almost looks a good way


  4. Just a little heads up for anyone wanting to dye anything. Synthetic (i.e. plastic) fibers do not dye. Dyes work on the principle that the dye will soak into the fibers and synthetic fibers will not let the dyes set so they will just wash right out. Woolen fibers need an acidic dye in order to stay. Cottons, linens, and other plant based fibers will dye with any store brand dyes but make sure to do a test swatch first before committing because many fibers will have stray strands of synthetic fibers in them from when the company switched out the fibers on the loom/knitting machine.