Felt paillettes

Tom Scott FW09 felt paillette knit

This Tom Scott Fall 2009 knit has been decorated with felt paillettes. Felt is usually not my favorite material as most felt designs seem boring and unfashionable to me but this looks chic. Thi would propably look pretty good made from leather paillettes as well! Found via 12:04.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. beautiful idea! love this! I want to put felt paillettes on everything now... especially for a hat i think it' be amazing!

  2. Kaunis! Pitääpä tehdä reissu askartelukauppaan:)

  3. When the required material is so simple, like felt or leather in this case, I do recommend you check out to your local thrift store for secondhand materials before going to the craft shops.

    Wool skirts and jackets/blazers (with outdated models) make exellent material for projects like this! Besides it propably is cheaper and you can source a variety of colors and prints that the craft store does not have!

  4. Oh, I love love love this! My favourite thrifted corduroy skirt unfortunately got burnt by an old, misbehaving iron on several spots. And I've been thinking, in vain, of the best, most original and most pretty way to cover it... this wins! Thank you very much for bringing the inspiration to me!

  5. Toi paita on luvluvluv! Siis oikeesti han mieltsin hieno!