DIY tutorials - Maison Michel inspired lace bunny ears

DIY lace bunny ears by Behind The Seams

DIY: Maison Michel's Laced Bunny Ears tutorial by Behind The Seams.

DIY lace bunny ears by Maison Michel

DIY Lace bunny ears tutorial by Caroline Blomst.

Bunny Styling by Caroline Blomst
DIY lace bunny ears by Caroline Blomst

Speaking of bunny ears, Etsy also carries a vast number of artist and photographers that sell their works (prints). These are my favorites from the "bunny print" category.

By TheExtentofSilence.


Sharon Montrose animal art photography.

SharonMontrose bunny

Little Prince Bunny print by ThisYearsGirl.

ThisYearsGirl Bunny Prnce

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. LOVE THIS SO MUCH !! here is another version - not as beautiful, but simpler: