DIY trend - Heavy metal necklaces

Lanvin FW09 05

These FW09 Lanvin and Oscar de la Renta inspired odd metal necklaces will be so hot this season... Queen Michelle all ready made her version of them and others are following. I went to Savexpo recycle fair this weekend and the only thing that truly caught my eye were these metal necklaces by Plan B. As I suggested in my Lanvin post, made from metal knick knacks sourced from recycle centres and scrap yards.

Lanvin Fall 2009 necklaces, at Luisaviaroma:

Lanvin FW09 23
Lanvin Fall 2009 necklace
Lanvin FW09 13
Lanvin FW09 30

Oscar de la Renta FW09 ad campaign. Model: Anna Maria Jagodzinska, Photography by Craig McDean. Don´t those look like door/lock switchplates? Make your necklace by using elastic band and it will double as a hair band!

Oscar de la Renta 09.10 Anna Jagodzinska by Craig McDean
Oscar de la Renta 09.10 Anna Jagodzinska by Craig McDean 2

Plan B recycled metal jewelry:

Plan B scrap metal jewelry 3
Plan B scrap metal jewelry 6

This is what you should be looking for: electrical plates, hinges, nuts, washers, metal house numbers, anything odd shaped metal things.

DIY metal jewelry idea washers
DIY metal jewelry idea nuts 2
DIY metal jewelry idea nuts
DIY metal jewelry idea plumbing supplies
DIY metal jewelry idea door hindges

Editorial photos via ru_glamour.

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