Recycling Awareness Ribbons

Recycling Awareness Ribbons by Mayari

Here´s a video tutorial from Swiss designer, Mayari, for making your own Recycling Awareness Ribbons from aluminum cans. I feel that recycling and trashion deserve their own ribbons, but making them from something that could be recycled otherwise is not the right way. Maybe from only bottles or cans that are not recycleble. What do you think? If I´d do my own trashion-ribbon it would be made of coffee packages (my least favorite material), leather, denim, chains or ..zippers (my fav material)!! This would make a cool addition to everyone who buys my handmade goods, an OutsaPop Trashion RRR ribbon made from zips. It´s decided. How would your RRR ribbon look like?

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. You should most ceratainly make Recycling Awareness Ribbons from zippers. I would at least wear one proudly!