Accessorize your heels with spats

Ashes and Empires handmade spats 4

I´ve been posting about spats for the past three seasons. But this acceessorie just is one of those things that won´t go out of style! And it´s very useful for fall as you want to keep on using your favorite heels but the weather just isn´t as warm anymore. Spats are not commonly found in clothing chains and accessorie shops, so the best place to find them is online at Etsy. Handmade and 100% unique. These were made by Ashes and Empires.

Ashes and Empires handmade spats 3
Ashes and Empires handmade spats 1
Ashes and Empires handmade spats 2

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. loved spats for years but think ashes and empires has got the best ones out there right now.