Knit Shrug Harness by Attila Design

AttilaDesign Knit Shrug Harness 1

I found this at AttilaDesign´s Etsy shop this morning. Amazing isn´t it? I´ve seen so many capes and harnesses in fashion blogs, but this just looks so fresh and new design.

AttilaDesign Knit Shrug Harness 2
AttilaDesign Knit Shrug Harness 3

This convertible cowl scarf hood thingie is also kinda groovy. In a sweet Tank Girl kinda way..

AttilaDesign Convertible Linen Scarf Hood 1
AttilaDesign Convertible Linen Scarf Hood 2

Photos via Etsy.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. The shrug on it's own doesn't look like too much but when it's teamed up with something else it transforms the outfit.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxx

  2. I love her stuff! been drooling over it for ages..

  3. What is that? Two knitted hoods tied together? Very interesting idea, looks better with the sequin-decorated top than with plain t-shirt.

  4. Those are awesome! Great find.