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Comme des Garçons FW09 ad

The reason I´m always looking for detail photos of fashion collections is simply because without them I´m sure to miss something intresting. Thankfully Queen Michelle pointed out something I had missed in the Comme des Garçons Fall 2009 collection, the blanket jacket! I´m sure we all still get shivers when thingking of the early 90s lumberjack styled blanket/poncho jackets, but these are different. They are not so much of jackets sewn from wollen blanket materials but more of a combination of the two. The front and sleeves are taken from a parka or other canvas jacket and sewn from shoulders and sideseams on to a diagonally draped blanket, that forms the back of the jacket. I cannot see Zara and other cheap fashion chains making their imitation versions of this as this is a bit out of their league, but I can totally see this kicking ass on Fashion Week show queues. Thrift stores are filled with old army jackets or trench coats and blankets suitable for this kind of project so the materials shouldn´t be hard to find. And the best part, this project is UNISEX.

Comme des Garçons Fall 2009 collection:

Comme des Garçons FW09 01
Comme des Garçons FW09 02
Comme des Garçons FW09 03
Comme des Garçons FW09 06
Comme des Garçons FW09 07
Comme des Garçons FW09 15
Comme des Garçons FW09 16
Comme des Garçons FW09 17

Alexander McQueen Check Blanket Jacket:

Alexander McQueen Check Blanket Jacket

Photos via and Kingdom Of Style.

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