Work it girl!

90s fashion editorial 7

I do love browsing through 90's fashion editorials when ever I can find some online. I spent my teens in the 90s. The uniform look was bodysuits, plaid mini skirts, knee length socks, combat boots, flannel shirts, too-small tees, babydoll dresses.. yeah, you remember them. Garbage, My So Called Life, Beverly Hills 90210, I can just hear RuPaul singing WORK IT GIRL! And Cinty is really working that straw covered bustier... Huuh. So the next time you´re at the fleamarket or secondhand shop, check out also the 90´s section. You might need them sooner than you think... Ridiculously big tassel earrings are already back.

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Outi Les Pyy

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  1. The 90s is one of my favorite decades. Reminds me of my childhood.. I love these photos.

  2. Guess 2001 will be retro soon...

  3. I was a teen in the 90s, too - love seeing all this again. In fact, I just made ridiculously huge tassel earrings over my holiday break from grad school. I've seen those same little badges that look like medals pasted on a blazer, too. Oh, the 90s. I am going to really enjoy revisiting them, and I can't wait to see what the current batch of teens does with the styles.

  4. Too Funky is one of the best songs ever! And the video is great too! <3<3 <3

  5. LOVE that vouge sweater! awesome pics! xx