DIY tutorial - Fashion Attack: Make your own Burberry Prorsum inspired zipper jacket

Burberry Prorsum zipper jacket

Another cool reader project! Sent to me by Micol from Feed Your Style. A video tutorial on how to re-fashion a Burberry Prorsum inspired fall pea coat with a waist zipper that enables the jacket to be cropped in half. Fantastic work!!

Burberry Prorsum zipper jacket 5
Burberry Prorsum zipper jacket 2

Photo from here and here.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I <3 it !!! It is amazing :D

  2. This is not fair :(
    I've had this design etched in my head for 2 years since I started Uni but since I know nothing about design sketches and had no money to do anything about making it a reality. I just left it in my head. Then I find this out. Burberry is probably making millions from the same idea I had :(