Hairy business


As you´ve propably noticed I´m all about refashioning with fake hair right now. I just love it. Very DIY Rick Owens I tell'ya. And if you don´t take my word for it, take Zoo´s then. The top image is from the Winter Issue of Zoo Magazine. If They are styling with hair, it is definately in. Def. Fake hair fashions are the ultimate bounce back to the non-hair beauty ideal where everyone is trying their best to get rid of every fringe and lock that is not attached to their heads. Using hair is also an alternative "fur" for refashioning clothes and accessories. It sounds cool too! "Is that horse hair? I prefer rabbit or chincilla." "No it´s human.." !! Don´t take the easy way and just go out shopping for new fake hair extencions, but go ask your local hairdressers if they want to give you some of their old ones. That´s trashion.

Photo via Dirty Flaws.

Outi Les Pyy

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