DIY Walk of fame

Miu Miu sparrow platform shoes

Cut Out And Keep craft tutorial forum has some pretty cool shoes customizing projects:

McQueen homage snake heel boots tutorial with diamante sole and chained heel:

COAK McQueen DIY boots tutorial

Rodarte inspired spike heels tutorial by Carly:

COAK Rodarte spike heels tutorial

McQueen inspired feather heel tutorial by Jenna C.:

COAK McQueen feather heel shoes

Miu Miu Sparrow Shoes tutorial by Stacie G.:

COAK Miu Miu Sparrow Shoes tutorial

Sweater boots tutorial by Niamh O.:

COAK sweater boots tutorial

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Thanks for including my Rodarte heels, Outi! People are emailing me asking me to make them a pair...probably all thanks to your re-post!:-D

  2. You are very wellcome! Both of these projects are just awsome. :)