An Act of Repetition

feather shoulder harness suspenders 1

Photo below..
from editorial: An Act of Repetition
Photographer: Daniel Gil Rodrigo
Stylist: Fernando Torres
Models: Alex Dunstan & Jack Lyons @ Select London...

Jaadajaadajaada. Now where the heck do I find out who is responsible for this rad studded feather elastic band body harness thingie??? Huh? Maybe I just have to make one. Takes less time.

EDIT:: Oh they are suspenders?! Even better. Two Weeks‘s S/S 2011 unisex accessory collection. Thanks Mic for the link!! More photos at Haute Macabre.

Feather harness An Act of Repetition with Jack Lyons Alex Dunstan

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. fernando torres the stylist??? fernando torres from the spain's team for football????