Coat story - Balmain vs. Varusteleka


In case you´re wondering why I´m continuing to post about coats, it is still -14 degrees cold in Helsinki. That´s the kind of weather that you need to dress up in a quality wool coat, combat boots, triple socks, cap, scarf and other woolly whatnots. It´s the sea wind that makes it feel like -30. No business going out without layers on layers. Winter is always a fashion-challenge. How do you keep yourself looking cool and still feeling warm?? Sometimes it seems impossible especially when fashionable gear usually isn´t the most fuctional, definately not warm and often made from crappy materials. Or if you´re lucky to find a good winter jacket, the zipper at least breaks in a few uses or some other shit like that.. (sigh)

Anyways, who is up for some Balmain? Yey!! Their Fall 2011 Mens collection lookbook is out and it is looking pretty amazing. Classic military pea coats and 70´s styled lamb leather coats styled with chinos, cardigans and thick wool scarfs. Superb styling. THIS is what winter (and fall) dressing up should look like! When fashion goes classic, you can shop it all second hand. It´s all there for a fraction of the high street price tag. Here are some of my favorite coats from Varusteleka´s webstore, a Finnish army surplus shop I absolutely love. Honestly, with quality surplus found with prices like this, who wants to go to cheap fashion chain shops is beyond me. Army clothes are made to last from decade to decade in any weather. To keep you (and our army boys) warm and looking hot so don´t forget to ask your boy to come along on your shopping trip.


Bundesmarine used pea coat. "And we thought that nothing stylish ever came from West Germany. Turns out we were wrong! As you can see, this is a real Man-jacket, just like its US counterpart. The German model features shiny brass buttons and a lighter gabardine fabric with nylon lining. Sizes are given in the fancier BW system, which guarantees a well-fitting jacket for everyone."

Varusteleka navy blue second hand army pea coat


Used French Greatcoat M47. "It is very nearly a copy of the US Army WW2 model, and is an excellent and affordable alternative to it. This actually looks pretty good - no wonder, as it's copied from the American wartime model: two slash pockets, masculine button rows, a large collar and made of thick brownish wool." Show it a little steam to get the warehouse creases out and you´re all ready to go.

Varusteleka French Greatcoat M47 used


Used SA-INT greatcoat. "Finnish greatcoat. Standard issue before fancy polyester materials made their breakthrough. These are quite thick and of excellent quality. A simple greatcoat, with two button rows, two slash pockets and a large fold-down collar. Made of thick and warm gray wool." If you want the hem to be shorter just take it to a seamstress, it will add price maybe a few bucks, but is well worth it!

Varusteleka SA-INT Finland army greatcoat gray used


Used Swedish army wool greatcoat.

Varusteleka used Swedish army wool greatcoat


Outi Les Pyy

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