Second hand shopping in Helsinki - Indian Summer


Indian Summer is here! But not that summer... It is still way too gray and wet to be talking about short skirts. I´m talking about a you-can-stil-smell-the-fresh-paint new vintage shop called Indian Summer that opened in Helsinki a few weeks ago. Their selection includes vintage and army surplus with fresh pics from local indie designers. Most of the stuff is unisex, so bring bf's along. But that ain't the best part.. THEY ARE ALSO OPEN ON SUNDAYS!! Woohoo. Finally somebody is open also on weekday evenings and on Sundays. I don´t live or work in Helsinki centre so I miss most of the smaller shops opening hours. There are so many new eco and second hand shops I´ve been meaning to visit in the past year, but since they all close at 6pm and are not open on Sathurday for more than a few hours, I`ve never been able to visit them.

Shop address:
Vuorikatu 22, 00100 Helsinki

Opening hours:
MON-FRI 12-20
SAT-SUN 12-18


Outi Les Pyy

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