Mandy Coon Fall 2010

You´ve all made and worn chain harnesses in the past seasons. Trends need to evolve (fancier word for change), so I give you pantyhose covered chain harnesses! Insanely cool looking and comfortable to wear. Can be sewn into anything or wear as they are. I´m not sure but this might also work for you nickel allergics, that cannot wear those cheaper hardware store chains to your skin. Inspiration taken from Mandy Coon Fall 2010 collection, via Tobacco and Leather. Photos by Samantha Rapp.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. chic & cool, love these ideas, thanks for inspiring us!!

  2. Really interesting inspiration, i'm gunna get recycling my old holey pantyhose!
    Rianna xxxx

  3. Very nice blog u have! i love it