Love Aesthetics

love aesthetics hair purse diy

A Pair And a Spare introduced me to a new fashion blogger - Love Aesthetics. Ivania is a super stylish (and cute!) 22-year old fashion and vintage enthusiast with cool DIY fashion projects. These are my favorite DIY´s by her, which most she has also made tutorials on! A must follow.

love aesthetics hair purse diy 2
love aesthetics two tone shirt DIY
love aesthetics zipper jacket DIY
love aesthetics sine dress DIY
love aesthetics hair earrings DIY

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I'm sorry but that first bag is disgusting!

  2. haha I agree with Meowcake!HairBAG Brrrr...

  3. wow shes very creative! definately goignt o check out her blog thanks!

  4. i like the bag! xD it's like: hey! if you use animal fur(i hope an immitation)why not human hair?! but, certainly i prefer it artificial too haha
    besides... the earrings... no, not my type, to much hair growing down from my ears haha
    although... love the bodycon dress (and her tattoos!!)