Creative mending ideas - submissions wanted!

Mending denim

As you know, taking good care of the things we have longers they use time loads. So mend, darn, resew buttons all that.. Craft Leftovers' Kristin Roach has a call out to her readers looking for the best ways they mend clothing or give favorite pieces some new life, send it her way! She's looking to include reader submissions in her new book due out next year. Check out her blog for all the details on how to get involved.


You know how your fingertips hurt when sewing stronger materials like denim, leather and canvas and a thimble is not always the best tool. Rodolphe Courtier used pliars to help him hold on to the needle while fixing his messenger bag. Genious!!

Mending my bag

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I regularly use the method in the first photo, although not as neatly since I don't have a sewing machine!