Paul Smith - DIY inspiration

Paul Smith Fall 2010 quilt blanket dress

Paul Smith's pencil skirts and dresses really get me going. If you look up his past collections, you´ll find loads of inspiration for secondhand shopping, styling and DIY projects. Like this dress made from a crochet quilt blanket, Fall 2010 collection..

Or trench coat with a paint job. Fabric print dye freehanded with a paint brush. Fall 2008 collection.

PAUL SMITH FALL 2008 painted trench coat

Pencil skirt back lacing. Fall 2010 collection.

Paul Smith Fall 2010 pencil skirt lacing

Vintage flover dress painted to tone down and modernize the botanical vibe. Fall 2010 collection.

Paul Smith Fall 2010 painted vintage flower dress

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Without sounding smart-arse (or too patriotic) Australian designer 'Romance Was Born'did the blanket dress before Paul Smith. Just saying.