Mac newbie

MacBook Pro !

Oh dear.. I thought the day I got my very own Mac would be pure tech happines. I´ve heard so many praises about Apple software, usability and everything they do. Someone even said it would make me coffee in the morning(!). Well almost.

I got a new MacBook yesterday (changed it to my 5 year old LG with Windows) and as nice and shiny it is, it is also driving me crazy. Picture editing crazy. So.. Any tips? What picture and photo software do you use? Help me out here. I really don´t mind having to learn new ways to work, but I´d like to have just one program to do them all in. I loved Windows Picture Manager, because it enabled me to browse, edit, rename, resize and move easily large masses of photos. Then I upload them to Flickr and get the html code for my blog posts in the picture size I want. How do you manage your blog images? I also have an inspiration photo folder with over 30 000 images I´ve saved from www so some file management is needed. Def.

P.S. Some of my friends complain that commenting is impossible.. This is unfortunately something I´m not able to do anything about, but if you have any tips and experience commenting problems, please send me mail. Thanks!!

Photo by Nas t.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I like to use Gimp
    I don't know if its the right program for you, but I like it and its for free :)

  2. I really love Photoshop from adobe. CS5. It costs a bit, but it is really worth it. There are a lot of tools and you can do anything with them. You can get the Adobe package which includes In Design which is a book layout program...since you are interested in making books, it might be worth looking into.
    Happy New Year!

  3. I use picnik ->

    It will get easier! I love my mac after growing up using pc's but there is a bit of a learning curve in the beginning.

  4. iPhoto would be perfect if I only could find the resizing function! :) And renaming photos in batches.. Do they exist?

  5. I use Gimp as well. It's preeetty complicated so you should probably read over a couple tutorials, but it's free!

    Also, when I first moved in w/ my now husband, I had never used a Mac before and I remember how confused and irritated I would get with his Macbook! But after a couple weeks it clicked, it just takes some getting used to. Good luck :)

  6. Actually for cropping and resizing you can use Preview… but iPhoto is weird (like all of iLife) - it doesn't expose you to things like "resolution" explicitly, because it's meant to operate on a content level, rather than on a data/file level (it versions files when you make changes)

    Short answer: select a photo in the iPhoto interface, and use the menu command File > Export… - if you set size to "custom" it will allow you to specify a max width/height or dimension. What's nice is that batch processing a set is easy - just put them into an album and export the album.

  7. when i switched to a mac i was going insane!
    don't worry, it will get better!
    i keep all my pics on iphoto.
    when you have a picture selected, at the bottom go on 'edit' and you have many tools to use.
    if you attach the picture into an email, you can attach it different sizes.

  8. I use iPhoto as well. By resizing, do you mean within the programme? Or once they have uploaded there is the resize option on blogger... Under Photos, there is a function called Batch Change, I don't know if this does what you want, but you could check it out. Renaming photos individually is easy, but I've never tried renaming batches, I guess you could try dragging them into their own album and experiment with renaming the album as a whole, I've never tried this...
    Good luck playing with it! Once you've tried out a mac and realised how vastly superior they are (once you've got used to it) there's no turning back!

  9. I use Adobe Lightroom, it is really really cool. There is a free trial for 30 days-- it is like iPhoto, but much much better. You can do everything there, including exporting to Flickr! I love it. And you can do all the funky color settings to it.

  10. I guess IPhoto gives you all the oportunities you need. If this is not enoughyou can swap to Adobe or if you want to stick to your beloved windows programm you could install "Bootcamp" that offers you the possibility to use all windows programms on your MAC.

  11. I use Lightroom too, it's really easy to edit photos and you can manage the upload to flickr quite easily.

    And here's a bit of a self promotion, I wrote a tool to help with getting the HTML for your Flickr images ready, it was driving me crazy when I had a lot of images to add to a post. The URL is here, if you want to give it a go. Any questions feel free to ask. I'd be thrilled if anyone else found it useful.