Dirty Hems DIY: Neon Sole Heels

Dirty Hems DIY- Neon Sole Heels 1

Spice up your accesories or a second hand shop find with some neon spray paints! Tutorial by Katy at Dirty Hems. Katy´s blog has many cool DIY project and went to my reader immediately.

I made a similar project back in 2007, when I repainted old shoes and a clutch bag. Tutorial for that project can be found from my Flickr tutorials-set. I recommend using a tad more expensive CAR spray paints for painting accessories as they are much more durable to wear and water than craft spray paints. But if you don´t mind the paints coming off in a few uses than regular spray paints are fine. You can always re-tape and paint them..

Dirty Hems DIY- Neon Sole Heels 3
Dirty Hems DIY- Neon Sole Heels 2
Dirty Hems DIY- Neon Sole Heels 4

Outi Les Pyy

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