Tie dye done right

SHABD tie dye fashion 6

Tie dye has always been one of the opinion dividers among DIY fashion. Some say never to that hippie shit, and some yes please. I've been going back and forth with it for seasons now as they've been off and on the runways making a slow comeback to mainstream fashion. I know a good thing when I see it, but this trend has not got me a 100% convinced yet. For me the main thing has been about color combinations. As soon as you mix army green, red, orange and blue.. it will be a hippie vomit on your shirt, but when you get the colors right it will be fabulous. And then you have to get the styling right with the other pieces in your outfit.. And I have not seen much fabulous in this category. SHABD is doing it right. His water color dreams are what tie dye is made of.

SHABD tie dye fashion 4
SHABD tie dye fashion 5
SHABD tie dye fashion 10
SHABD tie dye fashion 2
SHABD tie dye fashion 8

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I LOVE this and retweeted! xo


  2. Cool! I wish I could dye some of my old clothes myself!

  3. Love those pants! And the t-shirt below with the dyed shoulders very nice. All the pieces are great though!

  4. These are GORGEOUS! I'm in love!

  5. Very creative and yes, it has nothing 'hippy' about it. I like the results.

  6. they're all sooooo wonderful, i want them all!!! but the dress in the firdt pic in just perfect.

  7. love shabd! Such beautiful work; wish I knew how to get tie-dye to look like this. Any ideas?