DIY Alexander McQueen clutch bag

DIY eyeglass drawer clutch bag Kirsten Gail

You have no idea how much time I spend daily looking up Google and surfing around for fresh DIY fashion. Lots, lots of time. Saying this I can also state that I have a pretty good idea what´s going on in the DIY fashion scene. Arrogant, maybe. Boring, yes unfortunately most of the time.. But every now and them I stumble upon fresh projects and ideas, like this DIY evening clutch bag that Kirsten Gail (from Studs and Pearls) made from a sunglasses case! Seriously, how genious is this? Freaking awsome. Didn´t see this one coming now did ya?? Huh? Gosh how I love peoples creativity. Although I might consider using a screwable knob instead of super glue. What ever works for you best. If you´d use a more rock'n'roll knob, let´s say shaped like a skull, you'd have yourself a pretty nifty Alexander McQueen styled party accessory.

DIY eyeglass drawer clutch bag Kirsten Gail 2
Alexander McQueen clutch bag 2
alexander mcqueen skull clutch bag

Outi Les Pyy

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