What is it and who made it? I don´t know but I like it. Via ChicMuse.

*EDIT* And thanks to Kim, I now have better pics of this crazygorgeous zipper dress. Thanks! Via Luisaviaroma.

David Koma zipper dress at Luisaviaroma 2

David Koma zip dress Luisaviaroma 4
David Koma zip dress Luisaviaroma 1
David Koma zip dress Luisaviaroma 3

David Koma zipper jacket luisaviaroma 1

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. That's by David Koma - he graduated from Central St Martins last year I think. He looks to have a very bright career ahead of him! That dress is stocked at Luisaviaroma... $$$!

  2. Wow, geez! This stuff is incredible.