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Ausländer SS10 scribbled clothes 4

Continuing on with this weeks scribblings theme.. Brazilian label Ausländer did not just do t-shirts with black markers for their Summer 2010 collection, but drew on everything, shirts, jackets and leather, using colored markers.. Especially the so-80s-gray scribbled leather jacket caught my eye as secondhand stores have loads of them for sale, but since colored leather hasn´t been a major trend for a while, they are still sitting there. The leather is often really soft and good quality so it is really a shame to leave them all there unused. I´m also smiling to the idea of seeing a 20/30-something male casually strolling down the street with drawings on his leather jacket. "Bringing the inner kid in you out? Nice. So what´s your name then?" :) I dig boys with a sense of humor like that.

Ausländer SS10 scribbled clothes 3
Ausländer SS10 scribbled clothes 5
Ausländer SS10 scribbled clothes 2
Ausländer SS10 scribbled clothes 1

And moving on to fall.. Ausländer has a pretty wicked winter collection on the way with loosely knitted things, timburtonesque b&w stripes, safety pins and nailed (accessories with nails as "studs"!) accessories just to mention a few. Slogan tees read "Porn is the new balck" and "Thre isn´t life without blackberry".. The nail-spinal-accessory and nail-biker-gloves are definalety I´d be intrigued to try making myself. Old rusty nails would be a nice touch. Yup. Looking forward to it.

Ausländer FW10 8
Ausländer FW10 17
Ausländer FW10 15
Ausländer FW10 9
Ausländer FW10 6
Ausländer FW10 4

Photos via Modices. Rio Fashion Outono Inverno 2010, Rio de Janeiro by Fabio Setimio/FOTOARENA and Celso Pupo/FOTOARENA.

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