Zig-Zag Loop Rope Statement Necklace DIY

DIY Zig-Zag Loop Rope Necklace tutorial LoveMaegan

DIY Zig-Zag Loop Rope Necklace tutorial at LoveMaegan.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Not 100% sure about this one... Might work for me in another colour, something bold like burnt orange? Team it with a black turtleneck jumper. What would you wear this with?

  2. One should always use colors that match your wardrobe in DIY projects. In this case I´d personally choose black, red or gray as I have hats, gloves and other accessories to match with it. Also the band and rope don´t need to be different colors.

    I´d dress this with a basic white/black blouse or a dres with an open collar/decolte.

    OR you could make a bracelet or a belt instead of a necklace!! :D

  3. I did sth similar, also rope necklace :)