Coming soon.

turkoosiruskea 1-pola

I will post ten new shredded Marimekko stripe t-shirts tomorrow to my OutsaPop Trashion Etsy shop. Each priced at 60 $ + postage. If you want to se them all beforehand, visit my Flickr gallery. For pre-orders and reservations, send me mail. Be sure to drop by the shop soon!

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Outi Les Pyy

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  1. those are so cool! wish you shipped to the us!

    F <-- Texas gal bloggin fashion from NYC!

  2. These shirts are NOT cool/interesting... could you please stop adding pictures of them or I am going to unsubscribe

  3. Pumpernickel Ham, sorry you feel that way. But this is my blog and of course I will also add pictures of things that I make. Not just others projects and editorial inspiration, The shredded tees are my thing as well as zipper necklaces, so there is no blog without them.

  4. Francesca, I do ship to US!! :) The shipping is quite expensive, about 30 dollars from Finland, but that´s why I priced the shirts only at 60 dollars so the total would not come up too much.

    Obesity and Speed sells their shredded shirts at 170 dollars + shipping...

  5. I am amazed about the new sophisticated designs of Marimekko.Normally the product offer in the stores are really too traditional and classic. But now it seams they are open for new. It is more than appreciated.

  6. Hey! I've been admiring these pieces for a while now. BUT I'm just wondering how they should be washed? And will the threads all mess up after washing?

  7. These can be machine washed! Although I don´t recommend washing after each use. These shirts is loose and you propably always have a top underneath, so water wash it only if absolutely necessary.

    The shredded part has to be bound together with 2-3 ribbons. Then the garment should be put in a washing bag and can be washed in 30-degrees. Avoid having denim in the same wash. Open the ribbons and dry flat.

    Loads of machine washing will eventually have an effect on how the shredded part looks, but to my view it just "changes", and not get "ruined".

  8. Wow, lovely!

  9. I never replied to a comment on the web but wow, what is up with people today? Really.

    Pumpernickel Ham, if you don't like it then stop with your 'threats' and go ahead and unsubscribe. We won't miss you. This is outsapop's blog and she had hundreds of followers and can post whatever she feels like it.

    Outsapop, you blog is amazing and many will agree.

  10. Your site will always truly be an ispiration to me! This site really solves dilemma of me having way too many clothes and being sick and tired of 99% of them, but to cheap to go out and buy new stuff. Thank you so much.