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MOA Killer Fashion workshop Helsinki

Last Sunday I went to a craft workshop, Killer Fashion Revolution. It was held in connection with the Masters of Arts (MOA) exhibition in Helsinki, at Hub Helsinki working spaces. In the workshop we disgussed on how many pieces of fashion that were originally designed for warfare being adapted to everyday fashions and how their meanings had changed on the way. I mean we all know combat boots, berets, epaulettes, dog tags, aviator sunglasses, bomber jackets and palestine scarfs were originally soldierswear, but did you know that for example the oh-so fashionable trench coat was designed by an English chap called Thomas Burberry. He made it as an alternative to the heavy serge greatcoats worn by British and French soldiers in the First World War. Yup.

Anyhows, Human Rights were also the subject. The crafty part and our project-of-the-day was to make a DIY garment using secondhand textiles that reflects Human Rights. We came up with The Lonkero - connecting human rights, a refashioned fusion clothing that consisted of 7 individual hats that connected to each other. The Lonkero (Finnish for "tangle") reflects upon the 20th Human Rights article: "Everyone has the right to peacefully take part in meetings and belong to groups". Everyone made an individual hat that could be connected to the other hats with long tangles. The connection between the hats also symbolized the peaceful exchange of ideas and acceptance of other individuals personal views on the world while keeping your own identity and style. During the workshop we presented our self by choosing a Human Rights Article and telling our point of view to it. This encouraged to interesting discussions as well as the Palestine scarf that led us to talk about the situation in Gaza. We also presented our points of view about ethical fashion and consuming casually between stitches. In case you on´t know all the 30 Articles in your rights as a human being, I recommend you read them through. Not just what you are entitled to, but also what are your responsibilities to others.

This is my hat, a cheerier trashion version of the commando mask (feel free to copy the style if you feel like it). Perfect DIY accessory to make you look like a complite ass in demontrations, while dumpster diving and in secret night time operations where you need to hide your identity. You´ll never guess it´s me. :P

Photos Linda Kronman / Killer Fashion Revolution.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Haha, kind of scary but still a good idea ;-)

  2. I sence of humor propably scares most people. Oh so ´ve been told :D But, who said fashion and DIY is just all about being seriously chic. I´m all about fun and games.

  3. I like your hat! So funny!
    My grandpa had an original Burberry trench once upon a time, sadly it's got lost somewhere through the years...
    Thanks for that link to the human rights articles. It would be nice to think everyone could learn to respect them... I hope so!

  4. So happy that you went into that workshop. Your stuff in approaching art anyway. And it is deeply philosophical - as well as totally glam.

  5. Great


  6. You have a great sence of humor, hilarious!!!
    This I will definatly thry to recreate.
    Thank you for sharing it.

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