High times in matte black

Dominic Louis Preview Fall 2011 2

I´ve loved high waisted jeans as long as I can remember. Sort of corset'n' jeans in one. These pants are from Dominic Louis Preview Fall 2011 collection. Great inspiration for raising that waistline. Perfectly finished with matte black overdye paintjob. That screw necklace is also quite an eye-catcher. Via DirtyFlaws.

Dominic Louis Preview Fall 2011 1
Dominic Louis Preview Fall 2011 4
Dominic Louis Preview Fall 2011 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love her catsuit. It looks so simple yet I bet it would drive me batty to try to make one for myself.

  2. I had necklace made using big woodscrew and it wasn't good. I weared it 14 years ago and still have couple scars left. If you polish, debur and remove sharp edge from screw thread you can save wearer skin from "toolmarks".

  3. I love love love the jeans. I had this same idea to make some low-rise jeans more wearable, but haven't gotten around to getting some proper needles to sew threw that much denim...