Nina Ricci inspired lace socks DIY

Nina Ricci inspired lace sock DIY 1

Moving on.. Amber made a cool tutorial on how you can DIY yourself a pair of Nina Ricci inspired lace socks. Full step-by-step tutorial can be viewd at Throw it in the bag.

Nina Ricci inspired lace sock DIY 7
Nina Ricci inspired lace sock DIY 6

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i don't like it! the last picture looks cheap!

  2. Shabna, material choises are very important when considering the overall look. If you look at The original Nina Ricci it was made with a very beautiful venetian lace. This project does not require much material so I recommend investing on some more "expencive looking" lace when shopping for materials. Also in my experience, matte fabrics look often better than shiny as shiny fabrics are more easily judged as "cheap".

    So the tutorial is still very good in my opinion, just make sure you choose the rigt materials for it.

    And I´d also wear these with heels only. But that´s just because I like heels better than ballerinas. :)

  3. i really like this post! great blog don't ever stop blogging:)


  4. Thank you very much for featuring my tutorial on your website, I really appreciate that! For Shabna, I totally agree with the reply to your comment. I used the materials that I had and that were available to me in my small resourceless town. My blog is also about DIYing on a budget and for showing people how to use what they have and make it into something fabolous. It's a tutorial to show you how to make the product. You choose your materials and use your imagination to make it look however you want.

    Again thanks for featuring my project and I hope to share more of my projects with you in the future.

    Visit my blog

    -Amber Randell ;-)

  5. Very cool!

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  6. Really great idea! A good insperation! Were are you from? ^^ I'm from germany
    lovly greets <3

  7. Great job Amber!

    Thats the beauty of are able to make your own style of trends!