The Great Suspender

Elle España April 2010 1

Boyfriend denims are my favorite jeans. I also love suspenders, especially the "old fashioned" kind with button attachements. These suspenders can be often found from secondhand stores and they can be attached with safetypins. Clara shows here how. To get you jeans t look more "dirty", spary a light coat of golden spraypaint on them in selected areas. It will look like dust and come off in a few washes.

Elle España April 2010 2

Accesorios dales un twist
Model: Clara Alonso
Ph.: Fernando Bosch
Magazine: Elle España April 2010
Via The Fashion Spot

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Have you seen the fab snake suspenders at ShopCurious? These come in a women's version as well as one for men.