Now where you´re going.

compass cuff links by Sherry Fruit Studios Etsy

I´m one of those people that have a built in compass in my head. Ask me where North is and you´ll get an correct answer with 95% accuracy. I can even tell the time by just looking at the suns position. But then there's you other folks that have absolutely no idea which way you´re going, especially in new areas. I´ve seen couples ruin their holidays while having a huge fight on the street about which way to go. And the map held upsidedown is not helping much.. Men love to be correct in this sort of stuff so I´d buy my boy these and let him sort out the map, compass cuff links!! Made by Sherry Fruit Studios at Etsy. Functional yet stylish fashion solution to an urban navigational problem.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. LOVE YOUR blog! Its really inspired me!! SO COOL

  2. I'm like you and have a compass in my head. However these cufflinks would be perfect for my husband who has no sense of direction!! ;) I'm going to work out how to make some for him, thanks for the inspiration!!

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  4. does anyone make compass rings? and are they cheap? =]