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bikini_phixr_photo mixing repeat smooth

You must have noticed how some images on, let´s say, fashion sites like just look so much better than others. They´ve all been edited! And people love to read blogs that have beautiful pictures. I want my blog to have quality photos in all post, especially when I post pictures of my own creations, but sometimes it is hard cause I don´t own a high tech camera or Photoshop and similar photo manipulation software. The only one I have is the Polaroid making software (you can download it for free) but it requires the photos to be square, and sometimes I don´t want to crop them. I love the sepia, iPhone Hipstamatic and Lomo photography styled old looking images and was so happy to find today an online photo editor software that has these functions available - Phixr. Now I can make all photos to look nice, even if the original isn´t so darn special to begin with. Phixr has the basic tools, like flipping the image horizontally/vertically and rotating it, cropping and enlarging canvas. But I´m more intrested in the color manipulation. I recommend only subtle changes, so that the images don´t become too treated and the subject is still well viewable. Also pick one style and stick to that. It makes the blog look more harmonious. If manipulating each posted photo sounds like a lot of hassle, I say "get used to it" if you want a stylish blog. Looking good takes time and effort. Have fun!!

This is the original image I started with:

bikini_phixr_original image

Go to Color Effects, choose Make Love, Not War tool. Change Opacity to 70, the colors of the original image come through. Finally add just a little Contrast, here 8 points.

bikini_phixr_70s style tool2

This effect will give your image a darker shade on the picture edges. Go to Camera & Lens Effects and choose Vignette. Change shade color to black 000000. Drop Covarage to 0. Raise Inner Blur to 10 and sharpness up, here to 8. Drop Opacity, here at 65.

bikini_phixr_vignette tool

Go to Camera & Lens Effects and choose Lomo Effect. Choose one of the effects from the drop down list, I chose Hard Light. Bring Opacity down to 70. Add more Intencity.

bikini_phixr_lomo effect

Go to Color Effets - Sepia tool. If the brown shade is too dark, you can choose a lighter yellow by clicking Base color. I chose ba8a52, a slightly pinkish brown. This sepia color is a mask/layer on to of your old image. By changing Opacity to 65, the colors of the original image come through. Finally add Contrast 15-20 points.

bikini_phixr_sepia tool

Go to Camera & Lens Effects and choose Holga Effect. Add Grain to nro 2. Add Intencity. Drop Opacity to 75.

bikini_phixr_holga effect

If you want the image to be sepia colored after this lens effect, go to Color Effets - Sepia tool. Drop Opacity to 50. Add Contrast if needed.


Try also other combinations from the shown effects, like 70's styled + holga lens (opacity at 40 points). Or 70´s styled + Vignette tools.

bikini_phixr_70s style holga tool
bikini_phixr_70s style vignette tool

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I LOVE Poladroid! I also found this the other day and I love it! It is called Toy Camera Analog Color and it is a little like Poladroid but you can do many more effects with more control over everything. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I love beautiful photos, but I've always been lazy to edit them.

    I try to learn to take better photos instead of editing :).

  3. Thanks for this post! I like pictures to look beautiful too, but I also want to be true to the colours and textures of the original garment. :)
    Reminds me of the famous quote:
    Ernest Hemingway "Good pictures, what camera do you use?"
    Irving Penn "What typewriter do you use?"

  4. Hi,

    nice work! A photoediting-freeware i used for a while and i think works quite good is Gimp.

  5. i use a free software for doing all this things and i love it! its PhotoScape, and it has a lot of features besides editing the color, resize and that kind of things, you can make gifs, mosaics, murals, screen captures...
    you can download it here

  6. an amazing photo edititing suite is GIMP. its basically photoshop but created computer programmers for people who cant justify PS prices :) i use it all the time.