DIY wikipedia t-shirt via DIY-Guides

I´m really into these self-scribbled tees right now. While in school my study books had margins filled with small drawings as it was the only thing to keep me awake during class. This awsome text-scribbled tee, entitled "Wikipedia", I found via DIY Guides, complete with a tutorial (they´ve got also other tutes about clothes refashioning). If you can´t think of anything to write, take your favorite book and take the phrases from there. To get different looking handwritings, you can also ask your friends to write some sections.

The shirt needs to be pinned flat onto something while writing to keep the shirt in place better. I´d slip a piece of styrofoam or a couple of layers of cardboard inside it as they also stop the ink from messing up the other side. Photo by Mike E. Perez.

Outi Les Pyy

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