I hate your blog.

Minä Itte! textile marker DIY totebag by Inka 4 phixr

In general, I love blogs. I believe them to be a crusial part of the next generation www. For me this blog has given the opportunity to share ideas and inspiration to anywhere in the world. Instead of being an one-woman-DIY-fashion-anarchist, I feel I´ve found so many similar minded souls and the DIY movement has grown tremendously. There is power in great numbers.

And then there´s the downside of the blog phenomenon. Of course you have the ridigilous bunch of Anonymous that thinks it´s ok to comment anything. Luckily not many have found their way into this blog. Nowadays it´s also not that uncommon to see a bunch of 13-16 year old (mostly girls) in Helsinki streets just posing and taking pictures of each other. They apparently are "documenting the day to their blogs". But their attitude I don´t like.. "Don´t take the picture until the ugly people have moved from the shot!".. Uhu. I used to be an arrogant little teen when I was 16, but still had at least some level of respect to other people. A friend of mine, fellow blogger, said it best: "They are documenting a life so intencily that they for get to live it." In a way I feel sorry for these girls. Also the internet is a dangerous place to share great aspects of your life. There is a reason why I limit the amount of personal info and pictures online as your privacy and anonymity comes at a great cost if lost. Also I´ve noticed that the more personal stuff one shares online, the more and more people feel that it is ok to say what ever they feel like.

And what made me write about bloggin in general. I found this post from Minä Itte!. Inka had customized two totebags with textile markers. Guess which is my favorite? ... Ok..ok.. I love them both! :)

Minä Itte! textile marker DIY totebag by Inka 3 phixr
Minä Itte! textile marker DIY totebag by Inka 1 phixr
Minä Itte! textile marker DIY totebag by Inka 2 phixr

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Toi I hate your blog kangaskassi on kyllä aivan loistava!
    Voisin itsekkin kantaa tollasta ;)

  2. Those two bags look amazing. And I totally agree with you, what you writed was so right!

  3. I LOVE the panda one!! SOOO cute!
    Im off to buy a fabric pen! THANK YOU!

    Ps LOLZ about the Helsinki kids I'm so glad nobody has ever told me to move out of their way coz i was too ugly! - Thats a confidence I've NEVER had!

  4. It's a fine line we walk when we share on our blogs, I so agree.

    Teenagers on the city streets in the US are not much different from what you have described.


  5. I love your blog! If you get a lot of negative posts, you can change the settings so no "anonymous" people can write! Leaving it wide open is an invitation to immature jerks to leave insulting remarks

  6. Kiitos linkityksestä :)