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TIMO Neckwear NYC 1

"The fabulous world of neck wear never looked so good." - Mens Rag -

In the last week or so I´ve came across this NYC mens (and womens) neckwear label called TIMO in various places, printed and cyber. To explain my intrest in this brand apart from their kick ass designs, "timo" is a mans name in Finnish. Of cource I was hoping to find a Finnish bloke behind the brand, but it turned out to be US designer called Timo Weiland and his partner in crime Alan Eckstein. Timo neckwear creations remind me a bit of the Finnish neckwear label gTIE, by Jenni Ahtiainen. Her designs are maybe a bit more punk with chains and studs (just the way I like them)... Ties and neckwear like this is really easy to make yourself, It requires little material and are fast to make. If you have an Etsy shop and you´re making accessories, bags, gloves, hats, belts and such, you MUST add a few neckpieces to your collection! They are IT right now!! That western styled bow tie is my favorite.

TIMO Neckwear NYC 2
TIMO Neckwear NYC 5
TIMO Neckwear NYC 4
TIMO Neckwear NYC 8

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