Chanel Summer 2010 collection details

Chanel Summer 2010 ad campaign

Chanel has some gorgeous buttoned straight legged jeans in their upcoming Summer 2010 collection, for both men and women. I love detailing like this because it is a classic (classic pieces = a form sustainable fashion, can be used for many seasons) and came to think that this could be an easy DIY. Not just adding a slit and buttons to straight legged jeans, but also a way to alter and narrow down bootlegged or flare legged jeans to straight! Why not also for slim jeans. Also the frayed jean leg hems are temptingly simple. Just cut and fray.. The fraying has to be done by hand and you have to wash the garment a few tomes to have the frayed edge look like this. Maybe I love these to much just because all the denim in this collection is mostly black and dirty. I´ve just been through my wardrobe and have plenty of jeans I need to get rid of as I don´t use them all anymore. Dyeing some black or gray and adding bottons and some dirt might be just the thing my wardrobe needs.

chanel SS2010 5
Chanel SS2010 details 5b

And what about these black shiny dresses and skirts? Knowing Karl they´re propably made from some premium French silk taffeta, but dont they look also a bit like umbrella fabric..?! It´s stiff enough. The rolled fabric rosettes and pearl beaded under-bust garherings make lovely details.

chanel SS2010 8
Chanel SS2010 details 8
chanel SS2010 9
Chanel SS2010 details 9
chanel SS2010 7
Chanel SS2010 details 7b
Chanel SS2010 details 7

These dresses look like they´ve been knitted using thick satin tubing. Gorgeous.... Wonder what this would look like knitted from ripped shiffon or denim strips..

chanel SS2010 10
Chanel SS2010 details 1
chanel SS2010 11
Chanel SS2010 details 2

Gold embroidered wheat spikes and (gold spraypainted?) stripey back jeans. Light golden spraypaint treatment will give any denim a quick dirt finish. Although it will come off in a few washes.

Chanel SS2010 details 3b
Chanel SS2010 details 3

Dresses from fabric strips bound to a loosely weawed fabric. Those strips look pretty see-through.. Farming frost fabric? You know, that stuff farmers use to stop strawberry fields from freezing if it gets cold.. :D

chanel SS2010 3
Chanel SS2010 details 4

Photos via Fashionologie.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I somehow cannot concentrate on the clothes at all, my eyes are focusing on the models´s arms. I think these clothes look very bad on bones. Just elbows and knees and nerves. Totally off topic. Sorry. Vanda

  2. Vanda, I actually noticed the same thing while looking at the collection photos close up. But this is fashion-reality, this is what size-zero look like close up..!! Many don´t notice it because they are only looking at small images and paprazzi shots and all images are photoshopped for magazines. I usually just try to ignore the skinnyness. It took me many years just to be able to focus on the clothes and not the models inside them.

    I know people in Finland that are modelling professionally and aiming for the international shows and magazines. I just pray they never have to get into this zero-nonsence, but can keep their selves in a heathier size four and six..

  3. there is alot of style inspiration here for me,

    I am going to make those jeans and that jacket somehow.

    and about the comment, I look like those models(not the height) but I have always been a thin girl. I eat healthy, but I guess its genetics in my case.

    I really do want the fashion world to move towards healther models. I like the lastest V magazine, with the (plus size) models.

  4. I'm glad to see that the rosette details are still around. Those are some of my favorites. But the clogs, I'm not sure I'll be hoping on board with this trend.

  5. I love that temporary tattoo in the 6th and 7th photo! The pants are a neat DIY idea, too. However, I didn't like this collection as a whole; I thought it looked kind of trashy... it just looks like old tattered wicker baskets. And the skeletons modeling them didn't help. Most of these clothes would look hideous on real women. The tights and the chains on the pants are great and that necklace/chain undershirt (on the white shirt in the temporary tattoo photo) is a to die for detail.

  6. For the golden spray-painted jeans, last time I was at a craft store (in the US) I actually saw spray fabric paint. So this could be done in a more permanent way than with normal spray-paint.