Footwear reflections

Thrift And Thread CD decorated shoes 1
Thrift And Thread CD decorated shoes 2

These customised shoes were decorated by supergluing pieces od CDs. And how they are cut? Lucinda at Thrift And Thread says "Soaking the CDs briefly in warm water before cutting helps to minimise splitting. Pressed CDs are easier to cut, so raid your sister’s old Xtina records." Fab job! And don´t just do shoes. I bet these CD pieces can be glued onto other accessories as well, like hats, fascinators, bags, belts... anything that does not have to be washed in water. Trashion bling.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. these are super super insanely awesome, i want to make them!

  2. soo cute, might try this on wedges