Von Sono in 3D

Von Sono Summer 2010 3

This (danish?) label Von Sono, by designer Stephanie Oberg looks very comftable and inviting. The 3D face motivs in knitwear and jersey intrigue me especially. But of course I´m loving those leather piece tops as well, as they are an another type of 3D clothing design. Graphic 3D patterns are definately on the rise on my DIY-trend-o-meter. I hope not so much though that Gina Tricot, H&M or Zara get into them.. That will just f**k any trend up. The "face knit" above must be done sometime this spring from secondhand sweaters. I need one.

Fall 2009 collection: 3D faces and leather bits.

Von Sono Summer 2010 1
Von Sono Summer 2010 4
Von Sono Fall 2009 1
Von Sono Fall 2009 4
Von Sono Fall 2009 2

Summer 2009: Ah, crochetted skull masks. The must-have accessorie for any guerilla crafter who want to stay incognito...

Von Sono Summer 2009 2
Von Sono Summer 2009 1

Via SheBreathes.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I love the chunky .. scarf? :) Outi, check out these faces too from my blog, I thought they were quite cool too; http://hannasnest.blogspot.com/2009/07/clothes-are-art.html

  2. hehe these kind of scare me actually!

  3. she's german :)