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Desigual Fall 2009 8

Sorry for the radio silence in the past week, as I´ve been visiting Barcelona Spain during my Christmas and New Years holidays. The main reason I´ve wanted to visit Barcelona is obviously the architectural masterpieces of Gaudi, but as it turned out the city had also other great stuff to offer besides the lovely summery +18 degrees weather. I found a new favorite (surprisingly mainstream) fashion label that I know will fuel and inspire my trahion designs for years to come, DESIGUAL. To Spanish fashionistas it´s nothing new as they have shops on nearly every corner and it´s propably the same as H&M is to the Sweds, a bit more expencive though. But I don´t care about prices or availability as I´m not into buying, but more about studying their design style and incorporating the ideas to DIY fashions. The first thing that came to mind when I saw Desigual was that this kind of design should not be massmade with cheap labour and crappy materials but from recycled materials. Their design style is perfect for it and their customers seem to love them for it! As a Scandi my design flavor is a bit more simpler and cleaner so I´d make them with less color and pattern. Desigual Fall 2009 collection is filled with clever details. Like these low crotch jeans made from two pairs of denim and some extra fabric pieces. The sweater is also reconstructed from several rectangle pieces with raw edge. Don´t buy, DIY!

Desigual Fall 2009 5
Desigual Fall 2009 6

Patchwork denim dress with puffy hem.

Desigual Fall 2009 1

I believe still in harem pants. These patchworked ones were one of my favorites. I saw a couple of these walking the streets and they looked so good with knee high heel boots and thick cardigans.

Desigual 5
Desigual 5b
Desigual 5c
Desigual 5d

Patchworked sweater and cardigan, seam allowances on the inside this time.

Desigual Fall 2009 2
Desigual FW09 mujer women 04a
Desigual FW09 mujer women 04b
Desigual FW09 mujer women 04d
Desigual Fall 2009 4

Dip dyed plaid shirt with ruffle front.

Desigual FW09 mujer women 06b
Desigual FW09 mujer women 06e

Mens jacket recon ideas. With slightly felted sweater sleeves (sweater bodice made to a hood).

Desigual Fall 2009 3
Desigual Fall 2009 7

Patchworked and embroidered bags.

Desigual FW09 mujer women 05d
Desigual FW09 mujer women 07a

Patchworked jacket with different buttons and zig zag top stitching.

Desigual FW09 mujer women 02
Desigual FW09 mujer women 02b
Desigual FW09 mujer women 02d
Desigual FW09 mujer women 02e

Desigual Fall 2009 Runway video, check out full screen here.

“DESIGUAL Spring/Summer 2010 collection, is driven by the term HANDMADE. HandMade is authentic, artisan, things made by hand, in a traditional way. HandMade is unique, original, because incorporating the human element means that nothing ever looks quite the same." Yeah yeah, whatever. It´s funny that so many fashion labels and designers are inspired by the handmade artisan look these days and not so much about actually making their label more sustainable. The same goes for consumers, why buy something that looks handmade when you could actually make it yourself.. I´m looking forward to the SS10 lookbook though.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Oh wow!!! This stuff is just sooooooo fabulous!! I love it all! So unique and creative!!!

  2. I need to make those bags and a trip to Spain

  3. Fantastic! I was in Barcelona two summers ago how did I miss them? Oh I know, I was Gaudi crazy! We loved it there so much we plan to return one day and then I'll be sure to check out Desigual. I hope you had a marvelous trip -- what a beautiful city!

  4. I've been a huge fan of Desigual for quite some time but bought my first item only last summer, because I don't think the prices are right. But they clothes are really inspiring for diy's and I believe that they've found their original inspiration from Gaudí... (did you go to Parc Güell?)

    BTW, if I remember right, Desigual is also sold in Finland by Aleksi 13.

    regs, Prefecta

  5. haaremit on ollu pidemmän aikaa hankintalistalla, on vaan mietityttänyt se, miten ne toimii (=näyttääkö niin hyvältä) kun ei ole kilometrisääriä eikä jalat oo ihan mallia tikku.

  6. Anonyymi, haaremihousut ovat ihanat! Varsinkin kotioloissa, mutta ne näyttävät hyviltä myös kaupungilla. :) Olennaisinta on ehkä asustaa ne sillä tavalla ettei niistä tule liika hippi-mäisiä eli esim. korkkareiden ja jakun kanssa. Haaremihousut näyttävät suomalaisista ehkä siksi hieman oudoilta koska sen malliset housut eivät kuulu perinnepukeutumiseemme (niin kuin esim. lähi idässä ja kaukoidässä). Mutta ne ovat maailman mukavimmat housut jalassa!!