Don´t stop stitching!

Stitched pants by Undercover

You know when you start making something and it´s difficult to stop just because it´s just so much fun and you´re in that creative zone? I love that feeling. Basically my advice is never to do something just a little, but loads. Always loads. Not many small separate things but all in one. More the merrier. Like these gorgeous gothy stitched pants by Undercover. Why just mend the one or two holes, when it just looks so much better to stitch up and applique the whole front? And you know why they look so good, even with so much stuff on them? Because it´s all done in one color (or different hues of the same color). Remember color harmonies people! This "brain bag" made from knitted tube is also pretty rad. I wonder how this technique and design would translate made to a sofa pillow. :D Make recycle design, not just recycle crafts. If you want to read more about my personal rules on DIY fashion design, check out the posts tagged Design Rules. It is still unfinished, just 2/6 done, but check back to it later for updates.

Knitted Brain Bag by UnderCover

Via BleachBlack.

Outi Les Pyy

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