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It the end of January and most online stores and shops have a SALE going on. I do love a good bargain as much as the next gal, so this is the time to shop fashion! But not at regular shops, silly, ECO SHOPS! Many seem to have the idea that green fashion are more expencive than regular fashion. We all know that isn´t true as the price are the same. The only thing that´s different is that eco fashion does not have any "cheap labels" as there´s nothing sustainable or green about them. But the January Sale is the perfect opportunity for also you bargain hunters to shop green. There are loads of online eco shops that have everything and even more you´re looking for. And in most shops you can choose weather you want organic, sustainable, locally produced, fairtrade, recycled or vegan. One thing.. I wish more eco brands would also have larger sizes (12-16) in their collections. Not from everything, but at least on some styles that are suitable for a fuller figure. We ain´t all a size 6-8 you know... I´m especially intrested in non-trendy items in basic colors as fashion classics they can be worn from season to the next.
These babies went to my shopping list.

Camilla Norrback, Grey Silk Eleonora Blouse at Fashion Conscience.
Was € 93.05
Now: € 46.53

Eco shopping Camilla Norrback Eleonora Blouse at Fashion Conscience

Beaumont Organic, Bamboo Natural Tunic at Fashion Conscience.
Was € 102.13
Now: € 66.95

Eco shopping Beaumont Organic Bamboo Tunic at Fashion Conscience 2

Where, Fairtrade Leather Studded Slouch Bag-Black at Fashion Conscience.
Was € 175.89
Now: € 123.13

eco shopping Where fairtrade leather bag at Fashion Conscience

Thieves Highwaisted Hemp Tundra Skirt at Thieves Boutique.
Original Price: $256.00 CAD
Now $204.8 CAD

Eco shopping Thieves highwaisted hemp skirt 2

OlsenHaus Faith vegan pumps at Inhabitat Shop.
Now 120 $ (at -40% discount)

eco shopping OlsenHaus Faith vegan pumps at Inhabitat Shop

Nicole Bridger draped organic cotton skirt at Embidies.
Was: 168 $
Now: 90 $

eco shopping Nicole Bridger draped organic cotton skirt at Embidies 1

AYMARA Palma knit shorts at DeviDoll.
Was £42.00
Now £18.00

Eco shopping Aymara Palma shorts at DeviDoll

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Aaah Camilla Norrback on parhautta!

  2. I was going to buy jeans from Embodies but then I found out they only ship to Northern America :(

  3. I noticed the same thing.. Bummer. Why don´t all webshops ship worldwide...? WHY? :/

  4. Isojen kokojen puutetta olen minäkin vähän itkeskellyt silloin kun tulee käytyä eko-kaupoissa :( Kirppareilla onneksi sitten on koosta jotain hyötyä, kun voi löytää hyviä perusvaatteita mummoilta ja mammoilta :D