DIY Storage - Hanging Scarf Cluster

DIY storage hanging scarf cluster

DIY Storage - Hanging Scarf Cluster. Absolutely brilliant! I have mine rolled in a box, but this project by Luminesia is so much better. Via Craft. Ikea has solved the problem with a design like this. I suppose something similar could be DIY´d with a dozen bangle bracelets.

Ikea scarf hanger

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Cool idea, i enjoyed the shelf inspiration post, the one that is built up of rustic and aged looking cart boxes is awesome. It's quite similar to the lay out of 'all saints' shops.
    Rianna Bethany xxxxx

  2. very nice!! i'm gonna make something like this!

  3. Love D.I.Y makes you feel good once you created something!

    @ The GUILTY HYENA †

  4. Olen viime päivinä pohdiskellut miten saisin huivini säilytettyä paremmin (kuin vaatekaapissa tai henkarissa), tässä siihen vastaus! Kiitos paljon, tämä menee heti toteutukseen. :)